About Us

HelixSEO was incorporated by James Pepe in 2012 after experiencing significant growth over 3 years operating under James Pepe Designs. Originally, James Pepe Designs focused on website design, maintenance and custom database and web-based solutions, then in 2010 a shift into search engine optimization changed the future outlook significantly. Jim had gained some significant rank improvements for various types of clients throughout the nation and was no longer able to function as the sole operator due to increased demand for his service. Jim’s passion for the long-term success and viability of the company and the ability to deliver a sustained level of quality to his clients, while continuing to grow, lead to the decision to change the name and incorporate. HelixSEO’s goal was set forth – to provide a ROI for its clients and add value to their business. What sets HelixSEO apart from the competition is being able to fully integrate your online marketing via your website, your SEO, and your PPC campaigns. This integration allows us to offer a level of performance and measure ability hard to find elsewhere. At the end of the day, HelixSEO wants to know, how many calls are you getting, leads, contact forms sent, products purchased. We set you site up in a way that it automatically communicates this information and we don’t charge you for every lead you get. We really don’t care if you simply “rank for a term” we want to make sure it actually brings you business; Otherwise, what’s the point? We’ve seen clients get tantalized by sexy reports and ranks and we’ve even had a few competitors poke fun at our rank strength to some of our clients over the years, trying to win them over based on misinformation. What they seem to miss is the terms our client is not ranking for, that they claim are important and try to scare the client,  but is not even being searched! We want results. We provide reports based on detailed research and determining which key words have been searched the most and we continue to do research as search results constantly change and apply them appropriately.

More about Jim:
Jim has been involved in both traditional and online marketing as well as sales his entire career. His life’s journey began in Singapore where he developed and created sales materials for the marketing department at the Four Seasons Hotel to allow them to promote and host more business meetings in their hotel meeting rooms. Soon after, he graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises. The first few years of his career were spent as the marketing director for Syracuse.com (online newspaper for Syracuse). He directed and managed the marketing budget through copywriting, ad creation, media buying, event planning and honed his traditional and online marketing. He also gained a lot of sales experience through both direct participation in sales and also developing sales strategies for the company.

All programming, graphics design and HTML/CSS skills have been both self-taught and kickstarted by a colleague at Syracuse.com who later became the Editor in Chief and more recently promoted to the corporate office in New Jersey overseeing nationwide operations for all affiliates sites of Syracuse.com.

About Our Employees

We have database experts, programming experts, analysts with our total combined I.T. experience of about 35 years.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a constantly evolving field with process changes and updates almost every week. We are keeping up with the those changes by educating ourselves and by being on top of constant changes when they occur (that can be weekly) … this allows us to provide our clients the best service and top ranking in the nation.

Your website is built from the ground up…to convert and increase sales

For the past several years, we have been running a small website design firm and have spent the last 2 years specializing in the construction of WordPress websites. In the last several years, we began to work almost exclusively with WordPress as it’s a superior system and allows us the ability to deliver a superior product at a lower cost with exceptional value. Our clients love it, it’s a faster turn around time and more affordable. WordPress websites will not only look better, they can also be easily updated with no special HTML skills using any computer with an Internet connection, and a little training (that we include) It’s’s a Win-Win!

We have a unique talent in that we can blend our business skills with our attractive design and website building skills allowing us to deliver a unique product value to our clients, their websites are built from the ground up to convert and increase sales. Many reference are available upon request. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help your site or idea grow into something bigger.

Contact us today to learn more about how WordPress can streamline your online presence. Please use the contact form on our site or call us at 615.490.9408.  We are based in Nashville, Tennessee. We keep normal business hours and we are in the central time zone.

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