Attorney SEO

We focus a major portion of our business on Attorney SEO.  We have taken on the niche of working with attorneys nationwide and have happy clients all over the United States.  Our Attorney SEO programs are more than just SEO services, they are an online marketing strategy your firm can depend on to increase your new client generation and grow your business leads.  We take a holistic approach by starting with your website, making sure it’s properly communicating to your clients and to the search engines, and properly removing all obstacles which may prevent a conversion (or phone call, email etc.).

Grow Your Clients with Attorney SEO

Online Marketing Advocates for Your Law Firm

When you hire us, you are hiring online marketing advocates for your practice.  We will guide you, assist you and advise you on the best strategies that fit your firm’s goals and help achieve maximum ROI.  Historically most attorneys have gravitated to local phone books in hopes of getting new business and attracting new clients.  Some attorneys have used the local phone directories, others have tried multiple forms of traditional marketing such as radio, tv, billboard, etc.  The reality is if it’s important for your firm to target new clients then internet marketing via SEO and other means should be your number one marketing/advertising budget item. And we simply offer a service, not a marked-up advertising campaign. You have complete control of your website!

Why is SEO Important to my Law Firm?

The undisputed fact is more people turn to the Internet first before any other source to make buying decisions, or in your case, in deciding which attorney to retain. The reason for this is simple: Can your phone book ad build a rapport with the potential client?  Not really, but a website can.  Can it let them read reviews about your firm, get detailed information about you and even learn some answers to questions they may have?  Not really, but your website can.  We could go on, but the point is the Internet is winning because it’s better, more complete information, more intelligent and informed decisions can be made with the vast amount of information available online. Additionally, comparisons can be made with you and your competitors more easily online by your prospective clients.  So, not only is it important for you to be online and have a solid rank so you can be found on the internet, but it’s also just as important for your website to look good, be easy to navigate and understand, be a resource (not just an online business card) and make it simple for new clients to retain you.

This is where we come in, we deliver very competitive monthly SEO programs tailored for attorneys, and we can address any issues with your existing website or build you a new one.  We make sure it all works together seamlessly and flawlessly to deliver you leads and phone calls that you may have  missed out on completely otherwise with no charge per lead!  The best part is, if you compare the cost of our monthly Attorney SEO programs to what you may already be spending on just local phone directories alone, you only need to obtain two new clients per year to cover your ROI (but don’t worry, you’ll get more than two)

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