Take Control of your own SEO and Online Marketing by Blogging Strategically

One of the best ways to further enhance SEO and conversion is to be timely and relevant to your audience/target market. When you think ’tis the season as it relates to your business, chances are search volume is on the rise for the related terms. It becomes very easy to dominate search results with a properly setup WordPress Blog, Google will likely give you a dominate rank for your new, timely, and relevant addition to the Web.  Google likes you when you add value to the Internet.  They especially like you when you add timely and relevant value.  I have seen it proven time and time again, my clients who blog regularly (just a few times per month) see 50% of their traffic coming from their blogging efforts.  This can really add to bottom line of your business, and most of the time that’s what we’re all after.

For instance, NuVe Eyecare is one of my clients. This is a great time of year for him to be preaching and teaching his target audience all about allergy solutions. If you take a step back and look at your business and break down the associated timing seasonally or based on what’s hot in the news, you are being timely and relevant. The point is, to become more timely more relevant, because that’s what your active audience is searching for at the moment and that makes you stand out from your compeitors. You should model blogging topics after this, pair it with YouTube Video Campaign and tie in some monthly SEO, it’s a win win.

If you can deliver related content via a blog, put related video out there and let folks like me SEO it all, very good ranks can be secured, but better yet, you’re basically doing online target marketing, which mean you’ve got a better chance of converting that traffic, plus if Google sees your audience respond favorably, you’ll become a new force in Googles eyes, then things really start to take-off. Keep it up with strategies like that and everything you touch will turn to gold for SEO. This is among the best advice I can give for mixing traditional marketing tactics with online marketing and SEO techniques.

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